Campaign Software

Donor Monster™

  • Integrates with other CampaignON software platforms to combine donor information, voter history and voter profiles for full search capabilities
  • Includes contribution limit triggers, event managing, and management of donation and expenditures
  • Allows for seamless upload of information to state reporting software

Strategy Monster™

  • Create an effective campaign strategy based on where your likely voters live
  • Analyze voters on a user-friendly Google Map API - right down to the Zip Code
  • Allocate campaign and office time and resources effectively

Voter Monster™

  • Create a dynamic door-to-door canvassing strategy
  • Know your voters before you knock on their door-update their records in real time when you leave
  • Identify which streets are the most crucial to your campaign
  • Synch automatically with your Mobile App and Voter Track technologies

Precinct Monster™

  • Streamline your election-day process from the opening of the polls to your victory party
  • Station volunteers where your likely voters are
  • Manage election-day schedules in real time -with contact information and to-do lists