Articles and Editorials

Here you can find a collection of editorials, articles, and op-eds either written by or about Dan Morhaim and the issues with which he is most involved. 

Op-Ed Baltimore Sun: Fight Crime by treating substance abuse

Op-Ed Baltimore Sun: Pooling insurance makes sense for Maryland

Op-Ed Baltimore Sun: New model of care for drug addiction treatment

Op-Ed Baltimore Sun: Health Care Debate

Op-Ed Baltimore Sun: Maryland procurement reform could save millions

Sun: Medication crisisMaryland delegate: fracking regulations 'wholly inadequate'

Sun: Ebola: Taking Practical Steps

Health Affairs Blog: National Health Care Decision Day

American Journal of Public Health: End-of-Life Care Issues: A Personal, Economic, Public Policy, and Public Health Crisis

Huffington Post: Fighting Cancer: New Uses for Old Drugs

Huffington Post: Facing the Fiscal Cliff: Saving Health Care Dollars the Right Way

Huffington Post: Affordable Care, Death Panels, and Personal Freedom

Expanding Gambling in Maryland - Why I am Voting NO on Question 7

Sun: Del. Morhaim's proposal the best approach to medical marijuana 

Sun: Plan your end-of-life care or others will do it for you by Jay Hancock

Sun: Planning for the worst by Dan Morhaim

Post-Gazette: Die the way you want to by Dan Morhaim

Emergency Medicine News: Advance Directives by Dan Morhaim

Emergency Medicine News: Palliative Care Belongs in the ED by Dan Morhaim

American Cancer Society: The Better End

Examiner: Caution: Hazard Ahead In Computer Dump

Sun: Prevention Pays Off by Dan K. Morhaim

Sun: Life Sciences Key to State's Future co-written by Dan K. Morhaim

Sun: Designs for a Green-Friendly Future 

Sun: Computer Recycling Bill Passes

Sun: Computer Disposal Bill Receives Approval

Sun: Stadium Agency Hardens as Buyer

Sun: Poison in the Computer

Sun: Marijuana Law Makes a Humane Distinction

Sun: Propoganda Czar

WJLA: Erhlich signs Medical Marijuana Law

Sun: Carefirst

Sun: Bills Affect Realty Issues

WaPo: Book-Buying Alliance Urged in MD. Schools

Sun: A Doctor in the House Prescribes Drug Rehab

Sun: More Funds Eyed to Aid Addicted

Sun: Public, Private Schools Can Unite to Save Money by Dan K. Morhaim

Sun: Hospitals Can Help Solve Drug Problem by Dan K. Morhaim