Fundraising and Donor Management

Fundraising and donor management often plays a crucial role in the life of a political candidate, regardless of what they are campaigning for. CampaignON™ supports superior political donor management both on a local level and on a much wider scale. This allows staying in touch with donors to be an important priority of any campaign team with significantly less hassle than normal fundraising can be.

CampaignON's new political donor management software, Donor Monster™, integrates with every other CampaignON software platform, bringing candidates and their campaign teams an easy, one-stop hub of information on their donors. This donor management software integrates donor information with voter history and the voter profiles provided in Voter Monster™ and Strategy Monster™ for full search capabilities. This means that every piece of information about a voter is placed immediately at a candidate's fingertips as soon as they type that voter's name, zip code, or precinct into the search engine. And it doesn't just stop at donor information. Voter profiles also include party affiliation, email addresses, volunteer information, and even which elections that constituent has previously voted in, if any. Thanks to CampaignON's software, candidates can get to know their potential donors before even having a conversation with them.

CampaignON's political donor management software also allows campaign teams to easily manage donations and expenditures digitally, a process that may have once involved a harrying amount of paperwork. With CampaignON's software, candidates can view donations and expenditures right from their smart phone, tablet, or laptop, eliminating the need for any sort of binder or physical organizational tool. This makes it easier to take their information on the go with them during fundraisers or canvassing sessions. Plus, this information is easily accessible to anyone on the campaign team who requires it, saving anyone the trouble of going through several people for a simple piece of information on a donor. It even enables event management – a handy way to organize fundraisers, canvassing sessions, or other events, and make sure that everyone on the team is still aware of the schedule.

In addition to all of these tools, this new political donor management software allows candidates to seamlessly upload donor information to state reporting software, and includes contribution limit triggers. This is just one more way to provide candidates with as much information as possible to help them better reach out to donors and constituents and succeed in their campaign, courtesy of CampaignON™. The software comes free with CampaignON's Technology Plus and Professional pricing packages, and is a worthy addition to any candidate's digital organization repertoire. Because it can integrate with any other software platform that CampaignON™ offers, if provides campaign teams with a vast sea of information accessible at the click of a button, helping them get ahead in the game by providing them a chance to really get to know their constituents. CampaignON's new political donor management software lets candidates feel less apprehensive about keeping track of their donors, and makes the fundraising process easier, step by step.