Introducing Mirror Technology

We believe it is critical that elected officials have access to the latest in constituent-based management software (ConstituentON™) to better manage the interaction and communications between citizens and government agencies. And since we already have an industry leading software platform (CampaignON™) that offers candidates all the latest in micro-targeting and communications technology, we envisioned a Perfect World that combines both, all at a very affordable price.

It is a Perfect World revolving around the fact that "Constituents are Voters, Too." So whether you are managing a constituent's call in your Back Office software or tagging a voter in your campaign database, that information is captured and shared seamlessly in two, separate but independent software platforms. But it doesn't stop there. Our Perfect World continues to grow and grow.

In our Perfect World you would...

  • Have two separate and independent software technologies that mirror each other and collect critical voter and constituent data.
  • Have two separate and independent software technologies that talk to each other to ensure effective and regular communications with voters and constituents.
  • Have constituent-based management software available for all governmental agencies with one integrated master database.
  • Have campaign-based software that offers voter micro targeting, turf cutter technology, integrated email marketing system and donor management capability.
  • Have an integrated Email Marketing System to be able to send out unlimited, custom-crafted email blasts, letters and newsletters at no charge.
  • Have access to a full-service creative and media team for design, writing and digital advertising, including brochures, direct-mail, TV, radio and social media.
  • Have campaign mobile access to all information and data through cloud-based technology.
  • Have access to a team of campaign and government experts to help leverage your data and develop smarter targeting and messaging.

Welcome to the Perfect World of Mirror Technology