Pilot Program 2017

With the exciting launch of our new ConstituentON™ Back Office software platform, we are looking to partner with key elected officials and their staffs to help us penetrate the governmental back office software marketplace. We will set up your office and all staff and departments on your new constituent-based communications and management software.

This program will only be available through the month of August and to a limited number of clients. The stated goal of our initial Pilot Program is to find key clients that would be able to maximize and leverage their constituent interaction experience by utilizing all the features and benefits of ConstituentON™ Back Office software.

Each client (Master Licensee) will be able to have an unlimited number of users and government agencies or departments per license. In the example of County Executive/Mayor, etc., as the master licensee, all departments that report to the County Executive would have their own protected login, however, the County Executive (and approved staff) will have available all the data collected by each department. County/City Council type clients can purchase as a team or individually. Either way, each council type client would have their own license under this arrangement and ensure their individual data would be secured and protected.

There will be a minimal setup fee per license, and that initial minimal fee will be guaranteed for life.

Our hope is that once you and your team have enjoyed the features and benefits of ConstituentON™ Back Office, you will support our efforts to brand our program nationally by being a referral source for potential new clients.

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