Political Campaign Management Services

Campaign teams often worry about how their valuable time is being spent, and how to best communicate with their constituents and concentrate their efforts in certain areas. Through both hands-on consultation and the latest online technology, CampaignON provides candidates with superior political campaign management services so that they can feel secure that their time and resources are being spent in the most efficient ways.

CampaignON offers political candidates the chance to effectively streamline their campaign strategies, allowing them to have data on every voter stored right on their tablet or smartphone to access any time they like. This means that candidates will have seen detailed profiles of each voter, down to their party affiliation and voting history, before even walking up to their door. The Voter Monster program also allows campaign teams to enter informational tags about voters who wish to volunteer in various ways, and can be updated then and there during any canvassing session. This allows candidates to have every voter's information in one easy-to-access place, helping them identify which areas and types of voter are the most important for them to focus on at any point during the campaign.

But CampaignON's political campaign management services don't just stop with Voter Monster and its mobile app. The CampaignON team also provides candidates with their very own, fully integrated website, where they can communicate with their constituents, post pictures, and even poll visitors on important subjects. CampaignON's technology also includes the Calendar Tracking System, a good way for campaign teams to manage how much time they allot to certain tasks, and keep track of public appearances and canvassing sessions as well.

Candidates can also take advantage of CampaignON's Interspire email system to communicate with any of their tagged voters through mass email blasts. This political campaign management service allows campaign teams to send news to as many constituents as they want, as often as they want, with no additional charge. Recipients may even be narrowed down through their set tags in Voter Monster, so that the campaign teams can pick and choose which volunteers to send information to.

CampaignON's most important political campaign management service, however, is the Strategy Monster program. Just like the Voter Monster, Strategy Monster is designed to help candidates manage their campaign at a local level. With Strategy Monster, any campaign team can view profiles of any of their voters, including a map showcasing where they live. This mapping service means that candidates and their campaign teams can better decide where they need to be spending the most time, and which areas they can afford to pay a little less attention to. It can be difficult to decide that sort of thing by just looking at paperwork and written forms on voters alone, which is why CampaignON provides a quick, easy, and professional way for campaign teams to analyze the facts.

CampaignON's services offer candidates a new experience in the world of campaign management, providing them and their campaign teams with an experience that is both well-organized and can go a long way to ensuring a win. No other software, especially at the local level, can claim the superior political campaign management services that CampaignON delivers.