Political Campaign Management Software

Every campaign needs to stay up to date with the most efficient and consistent strategy management, regardless if it is for political office, non-profit advocacy, or even fundraising. In an increasingly digital world, it can be difficult to find the right technology to manage any of these types of campaigns, and keep teams on task from beginning to end. CampaignON boasts superior political campaign management software, providing candidates with all the resources they need to create a strategy that works for them.

CampaignON provides a unique combination of professional services in addition to online software, bringing each component together to help candidates manage their campaigns at a local level. This combination begins with the Strategy Monster software, which allows the campaign team to view where their most likely voters live, view detailed profiles of each voter, and even analyze them on a map. The campaign team can even view the party affiliation of each member of a household, and what elections they have previously voted in. This enables candidates to better decide where they need to allocate their valuable time and resources, and where they don't.

CampaignON's superior political campaign management software also includes Voter Monster, which enables campaigns to know as much as possible about their voters before even meeting them face-to-face. Informational tags about voters, such as who needs yard signs and who wants to volunteer on Election Day, can be added and updated after or even during door-todoor canvassing sessions. This information will be immediately available to anyone in the campaign who needs it, meaning that volunteers can be provided for with much less hassle than ever before. Voter Monster enables candidates to create a dynamic new campaign strategy, and even identify which streets and voters are the most crucial for them.

In addition, any candidate can communicate quickly with their tagged voters through the CampaignON Interspire email system, another example of the political campaign management software campaigns will be invited to use. After an email is written, certain voter tags may be selected in order to send mass email blasts to anyone the candidate wants. Plus, these email blasts can be sent as frequently as candidates want or need to send them, with no additional costs.

CampaignON's professional services team also provides candidates with the creation and full integration of their own website, where they can upload everything from pictures to a blog that will update potential voters on what their candidate is up to. CampaignON provides campaign teams with even more user-friendly technology right at their fingertips, including the Calendar Tracking System, which helps candidates manage their time and tasks in the most efficient manner, and CampaignON's mobile app, allowing candidates to access superior political campaign management software from any mobile device. This mobile app even syncs with Voter Track and Voter Monster, letting campaign teams record interactions with voters or constituents as they happen. There may be a handful of campaign management programs and technologies already available to campaign teams, but CampaignON's combination of both software and services offers a superior experience that will help ensure candidates a win. No other program can offer the political campaign management software and capabilities unique to CampaignON.