Political Campaign Strategy Management

In any campaign, whether for political office, non-profit advocacy or association fundraising, it is crucial to have a consistent strategy for reachable goals that everyone on the team supports and adheres to from top to bottom. CampaignON supports superior political campaign strategy management primarily by providing our clients with the latest online tools, resources and technology. We also offer the professional services to create and market the overall strategy.

The combination of online software and professional services is unique in the political arena, especially at the local level which is the CampaignON target market. Altogether, the CampaignON team of professionals brings superior, election-tested, political campaign strategy management from top to bottom to all phases of a campaign.

CampaignON political campaign strategy management begins with our Strategy Monster software component. In just a matter of minutes the campaign team gets a full overview of where there likely voters are throughout their jurisdiction right down to the precinct level. It shows a profile of voters throughout their jurisdiction indicating age, gender, voting history and party affiliation. This information is also accompanied by the raw data so the campaign can see the party affiliation of each member of a household. This profile of a jurisdiction gives the candidate an accurate overview of where they should be spending their time and where they shouldn't.

CampaignON's superior political campaign strategy management software also allows for tracking of every voter in the jurisdiction. Suppose during a door-to-door canvassing session, the candidate or campaign worker learns that a voter wants a yard sign, is willing to work on Election Day or would like to make phone calls on behalf of the candidate. This information can then be easily and seamlessly indicated with a tag next to the voter's name. And because the CampaignON system is totally integrated, this information is available to everyone in the campaign who needs to see.

For example, the person in charge of putting up yard signs will see the number of people who want yard signs and then they can put them up accordingly without the time-consuming phone calls and paper work. Also, when a candidate wishes to communicate with tagged voters, they can do it by a particular tagged subject through the CampaignON Interspire email system. Just write the email, select the voter tag or tags you want targeted and then send. Plus, there is no additional charge for email blasts. Send as many as you want as often as you want.

Once the campaign strategy is developed, the CampaignON professional services team goes to work. From creating and implementing a fully-integrated website to sending out to writing email blasts, CampaignON supports superior political campaign management strategy with hands-on professional services that include marketing, advertising, public relations, social media and media buying. Our team of campaign professionals will work alongside the candidate's campaign team to brand the candidate and communicate effective, strategic messaging to the electorate.

This in-depth combination of software and services is unique in the local campaign marketplace and offers the superior political campaign management strategy needed to win. While there are a number of political campaign management services available, none offer the superior political campaign strategy management and communication capabilities of CampaignON.