Political Services

Media Strategies

Traditional Media

  • A full-service media department with the expertise to develop and execute a comprehensive, cost-efficient media strategy for Radio, TV, Print and Digital Media
  • Services include media researching, planning, budgeting, placement and tracking of all buys
  • Experienced buyers and planners with a keen understanding of the market and the ability to react quickly

Digital Media

  • Research and then place targeted messaging on most effective websites, blogs and digital platforms including digital radio
  • Digital artists and copywriters will create all online ads, and messaging to accompany targeted messaging on handpicked websites, blogs and digital radio

Social Media

  • Creative team will extend messaging to all forms of social media
  • Create Facebook pages and Twitter messaging that will keep target audiences engaged with the campaign or ongoing issues


  • Critical resource for any campaign
  • Strategically gauge voter and constituent opinion while eliminating the high costs associated with polling on the open market
  • Provides direction on voter impressions, what issues are important, and what messages can change the game