Political Services

Voter and Constituent Tracking

Mobile App Technology

  • Access CampaignON™ Technology from any mobile device
  • Use QR codes to quickly update a voter or constituents information
  • Available through Apple and Android
  • Sync automatically with Voter Track and Voter Monster™ technologies

Voter and Constituent Track

  • Record and save all interactions with a voter or constituent
  • Tag your voters by designations such as, donor, volunteer, election-day volunteer...and much more!
  • Create a standard follow-up process
  • Address all voter and constituent concerns immediately and effectively
  • Sync automatically with Mobile App and Voter Monster™ technologies

Voter Data Report

  • Generate lists of voters based on identified characteristics in seconds
  • Export lists to excel immediately and save to your computer
  • Create a customized distribution list for your campaign direct mailers