Professional Services

COS will provide a full menu of services and support as part of our ConstituentON™ Back Office platform.

Phase 1 - Installation

  • Initial software system setup for individual legislative offices.
    • User-Friendly, Interactive Dashboard
    • Staff Setup with Approvals in Administration System
      • Access Control
      • Security
      • Unique Permissions
    • Constituent Data Upload
    • Custom Designed Email Templates For Auto Generated Emails (available for easy user creation)
    • Client Data Import
      • The CDI tool allows each legislative office to seamlessly download any current constituent data collected prior to the implementation of ConstituentON into their new database thereby creating enhanced DAY ONE reporting on previous, historical constituent inquiries.
    • Training and Support
      • Training will be provided for one individual staff member appointed by each district or governmental office.
      • There will be no limitations on the time necessary to train the appointed staff member.
    • We anticipate a 3-5 month roll-out to complete setup for multiple legislators, departments and staff personnel. Note: this timeframe applies to full legislative bodies (over 100). For smaller groups and individual officials and staff, the rollout time will be greatly reduced.
    • In-house access and setup. The Office of Legislative Services (when applicable) or the individual caucus offices in both houses can/will be configured for support of all designated legislators and district offices. The same rule applies for multiple Council members or other county or local governmental offices.

Phase 2

  • Ongoing Monthly Support:
    • A help desk (Eastern Time Zone, Baltimore based) will be provided during normal working hours, Monday thru Friday, 8:30am-5pm.
    • Each individual governmental Office will be assigned a customer service representative to assist with any issues that might arise at any time during the setup phase and during normal implementation. A phone number and email address will be provided for each office to contact their representative during normal working hours.
    • A 24/7 online customer service portal will be available for all service issues and after hour support requests.
    • Any upgrades implemented during life of contract will be available to all legislative/governmental offices and staffs.
    • Additional training will be provided upon request.
      • Staff changes or additions with current offices
      • New legislators, elected officials (and staff)